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The Alice D. Mortenson Undergraduate Research Award in Russian History

Programs Offering this Scholarship

We are grateful to our alumna, Alice Mortenson, for her generous support. The Mortenson scholarships will be awarded to up to three students interested in Russian history, and at least one of the scholarships will be reserved for a student majoring in a discipline other than history.

Eligibility Criteria

All undergraduate students at the UW-Madison are eligible for this award, so long as they satisfy the historical research component of its requirements.

How to Apply

Complete the application found in Scholarships@UW.

Selection Criteria

Applications for the historical research awards competition should include a statement of no more than 1,750 words describing the applicant's research goals, means for achieving them, and previous academic preparation. Applicants should also offer two letters of support from university faculty or instructors.

Award Information

Successful applications will receive $3,000 to be used for one of the following purposes:

  1. Research and/or writing of a thesis-length essay on a topic of Russian history [from the origins of the Rus Commonwealth to the present day]
  2. Language study in the Russian Federation under a program recognized by the University of Wisconsin-Madison to be followed by the writing of an essay on Russian history or culture based on the use of Russian-language sources. The essay may be undertaken either as an independent study, a senior thesis, or in the context of an upper-division seminar.

Conditions of Award

In order to hold the award, recipients must also enroll for three credits of supervised research during the period in which they plan to write their essay, whether in a departmental thesis/honors course or in a directed study with a faculty member. Those seeking a scholarship for language study will receive their award contingent upon demonstration of acceptance into a recognized program, with preference given to applications for study in the Russian Federation, and submission of a proposal for an essay to be completed the semester after their return.